Email Fraud

Email Fraud

Tis the season for fraudulent email from various vendors.  Best Buy, UPS, and others.  So please encourage your staff to NOT open links from in any email without confirming via phone that it is legit.

EMAIL Cleanup – This is a great time of year to have your staff take 15-30 minutes to clean up their email.   Low hanging fruit can be found.

  • Look in the Sent items – Outlook keeps all your sent mail.  do you really need something you sent over a year ago?
  • And if you have Outlook 2010 or newer – look under FILE /Cleanup tools / MailBox cleanup for access to some handy tools.  You can view mailbox size details and find the large email messages to clean out.
  • Email attachments (PDF, Word, Excel, pictures etc.) can quickly increase your mailbox size.  If you need the attachment – save it to your server and delete the email.
  • If you would like more help – ask your local IT professional.
  • If your mailbox is over 500,000 KB, it is out of control.  We can help.

End of Year Purchasing Decisions

As we come to the end of the year – your business may be in a position to purchase new computers for your employees.  Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind when doing so:

  1. Involve your IT person in the purchase. (You will save time and money by doing so.)
  2. All those great deals in the websites and big box stores – they are Windows 8 HOME version. In most offices they will not connect to your network without first upgrading Windows 8 Pro ($99) and another 45 minutes of install time.
  3. Make sure the manufacturer has 3-5 years of on-site warranty.
  4. If you go with Windows 8 – use the program from to give you the Windows 7 look and feel.
  5. A new business computer is going to be approximately $900.  Over 4 years – that’s $225/year or less than $1 / day.