How Much Is Your Comcast Bill?

How Much Is Your Comcast Bill?

CONSULTINGHot tip of the month!  How long has it been since you checked on your Comcast bill?  I just called for a client and it turns out, I reduced their bill by $100/month AND got them boosted up to the 100down/20 up speeds from the 50down/12 up.

Give us a call at 899-8823 and we will be happy to see if we can do the same for you.


Windows 10

MBNSOS Windows 10Well the hype is beginning to hit the media space.  Here are 2 items that we know so far.

1)  There is speculation Microsoft is going to do a free upgrade for those running the ‘previous two version of windows’.  Not clear yet if that is 8 and 8.1 or Windows 7.

2)  Internet Explorer – RIP.  They are dropping IE and coming out with an entirely new browser.

For those of you that work with Banks, Medical web sites that means lots of testing – because many of those ONLY work with Internet Explorer.  So that will be very interesting.


A Great New Partnership

CONSULTINGIn April Monterey Bay Networks (MBN) was contracted to provide networking services and support to their clients by Monterey Bay Systems.  Monterey Bay Systems (MBS) provides the county with award winning production printers and copiers from Konica Minolta.  If you are looking to add or replace those devices in your office give our friends at MBS a call at 800-848-7575.

(Make sure you tell them you saw the write up in this newsletter please.)