Inbox Zero: Part 2

Continuing the process we started last month, these are the How-To steps.

  • Don’t leave your inbox open on your screen
  • Set aside a certain time of day to devote yourself to processing email.
  • When you first view the email – Delete or archive as many as you can.
  • Forward as many to someone else who can answer them.
  • Respond immediately ONLY to those you can answer in two minutes or less.
  • Create a separate folder for messages that can be responded to at a later point.

Water and Fire and dual hard drive failure Oh My!

Since we last wrote to you –

A restaurant client was flooded (twice) no less from the office above theirs. Due to MBN having spare equipment, and complete documentation, we were able to get their Comcast/Internet and basic services up and running in short order.

An art gallery we had just taken on, and convinced to impliment off site backup – (2 weeks previous) caught fire. We rented them equipment and restored their files so they could continue billing and tracking their inventory.

Another firm we visit monthly – had a dual hard drive failure in their system. This required us to do a complete, from scratch restore. They left on a Friday. On Monday morning they came back in and went to work on a completely restored file server.

If this sounds like the kind of protection you would like – give us a call.