Inbox Zero

It is always a challenge dealing with email and how it grabs our attention away from doing what needs to be done. There is a productivity expert, Merlin Mann promoting “Inbox Zero”. The idea of keeping your inbox clear at all times.

Reality – Time and attention are finite, and productivity suffers when we confuse the inbox with a to-do list.

5 actions are the main concept of his process – delete, delegate, respond, defer and do.

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PowerStrip, Surge Protector, Battery Backup?

California is the #1 state in the country for weather outages from 2008 to 2014! 525 recorded outages. What a shocker – pun intended. I would have never thought that. Followed by New York, Texas and Michigan.

What can you do to protect your $700+ computer, $150+ Monitor? A powerstrip only splits the power, a Surge Protector protects you against Surges (but not brown outs or power loss). To give you time to shut your computer down nicely in the case of a brown out or power outage you need a Battery Backup ($65 to $129).

Contact your IT consultant to outfit your office.