Remotely speaking

There has always been great ways to connect remotely to your computer at work. Recently we had the opportunity to revisit a very secure and inexpensive solution.

If you have a SonicWall firewall in your office (and you should have some type of firewall) they have a nifty Global VPN client. It provides a single portal for you (business owner) to control access, and when combined with RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) allows your workforce to be “in the office”.  This for the same price as the other solutions out there.  Call us if you would like to learn more.

Windows 8.1 is it the solution?

So Microsoft did an update .. is it the “solution”?  Here are a couple of changes that may help.

The “start button” returns. – however it is not the pop-up Start button.  So right click on it and you will see a few of the items you were expecting.

Start screen of your choice – with 8.1 there is now an option to make the desktop destination number one.  If you liked the “modern user interface”, you can now open up the all Apps view with the desktop programs first – imagine that.

The jury is still out for me – Classic shell is still my recommendation – and if you have a laptop – make sure you have a drivers disk before you upgrade.  One ASUS user lost all those during his upgrade attempt.